SWRO - WQ CD Kickoff Survey

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to provide input and suggestions for our survey.

The information you provide will help guide the conversation and dialogue for our upcoming Regional CD Collaboration Kickoff meeting in June.

*Note* we are not requiring your name and information specifically, but please consider providing your work email. It will be helpful for us to have the ability to follow up to clarify questions or support your responses. Thank you.

We are hoping to have all of your feedback no later than end of business May 24th.

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If you think of ideas or concerns that you feel are important to share, please add them to the last question of the survey.

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Question 1 of 13

Which Conservation District do you represent?


Question 2 of 13

Please indicate your level of familiarity with the Water Quality Combined Funding Program?


Question 3 of 13

Please indicate your familiarity with our Clean Water Guidance and associated Best Management Practices (BMP's)? 


Question 4 of 13

Have you recently visited the Water Quality Grants webpage and its resources?

Water quality grants and loans - Washington State Department of Ecology

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  • Yes
  • No


Question 5 of 13

Has your district applied for or received funding from Ecology's Water Quality Combined Funding Grant Program in the past 5 years?

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  • Applied for and received funding.
  • Applied for but did not receive funding.
  • Have not applied.


Question 6 of 13

If you did not apply, why?

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  • Not familiar with Ecology grant opportunities.
  • Not enough staff time/capacity to apply.
  • Funding Guidelines are too stringent.
  • Application process/EAGL is too complicated.
  • Other (please specify)


Question 7 of 13

If you did receive funding, were there parts of the process you found helpful or considered successful?

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  • Funding Guidelines and resources.
  • Pre-application worksheet tool.
  • Reporting documentation.
  • Application/Recipient Workshops.
  • Ecology staff and technical support.
  • None of the above.
  • Other (please specify)


Question 8 of 13

What are the biggest challenges or barriers your district faces with applying for and managing Ecology grants?

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  • Limited staff capacity
  • Application process
  • EAGL processes
  • Management/timelines
  • Reporting requirements
  • Funding Guidelines
  • Not enough resources or support
  • Other (please specify)


Question 9 of 13


Question 10 of 13

What resources do you find helpful to support your project planning strategies?

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  • TMDL
  • Watershed Management Plan
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Salmon Recovery Plan
  • Shellfish Restoration Plan
  • Other (please specify)


Question 11 of 13

How have previously awarded Ecology grants helped your district's ability to implement projects in your region?

(Such as, on the ground corrections, instream restoration, riparian planting, or outreach, etc.)

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Question 12 of 13

How can the Ecology Watershed Resources Nonpoint Team better support your district?

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  • Training workshops
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Guidance documents
  • Potential project site reviews
  • Website with instructional documents and resources
  • Other (please specify)


Question 13 of 13

Are there any other items or concerns you would like to bring to our attention?

We will try to incorporate these items into our larger regional CD Kickoff meeting, or if more appropriate, plan to have a 1:1 meeting with your district to discuss further.

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